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VOTable Utility

VOTable utility converts data in VOTable format to other file-formats: FITS (processing), CSV (spreadsheet), plain text (processing), SVG (charts), XML (XUL).


munipack votable [..] file


VOTable file format is a kind of XML format. One is used as the primary data exchange format within Virtual Observatory. VOTable file is a text file with defined marks. The marks provides a tool for describe of a structure of data (tables, for example). VOTable format is designed for inter-process communication (in client — server model).

This routine is a converter between VOTable format provided by Virtual Observatory (XML with any defined structure) and another formats:

Input And Output

On input, a single file is expected.

On output, a single file of various type is created.


select projection: gnomonic
Right Ascension of projection centre [deg]
Declination of projection centre [deg]
Canvas width [pix]
Canvas height [pix]
scale of projection [pix/deg]
magnitude limit
magnitude field key
Right Ascension field key
Declination field key
type of output file: fits,csv,txt,svg,xml

See Common options for input/output filenames.


As a preparation step, download VOTable from Virtual Observatory (use cone search):

$ munipack cone -c Hipparcos -o pleiades.xml -r 3 57 24

A text table:

$ munipack votable -o subaru.txt pleiades.xml

FITS table:

$ munipack votable -o subaru.fits  pleiades.xml
$ xmunipack subaru.fits

CSV table:

$ munipack votable -o pleiades.csv pleiades.xml
$ gnumeric pleiades.csv
In GNUmeric

See Also

Virtual Observatory, Star Charts, Common options