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Growth-Curve Photometry

Growth-curve photometry is primary intended for the absolute photometry calibration. This routine constructs a mean radial growth-curve by using of machine selected bright stars. Total absolute fluxes of all stars are determined from the growth-curve. As a side effect, the method produces less scattered data for well radially defined images of stars.


munipack gphot [.. parameters ..] file(s)[,result(s)]


Growth-curve photometry determines absolute fluxes of all star-like objects of frames. sum of counts from a star in predefined apertures.

Apperture correction determination


-th, --threshold
With this (common) parameter, additional extensions GROWFUNC and GROWDATA are added to processed files and create a report file (replaces .fits with .png) with plotted details about growth curve photometry. See detailed description. The graphs requires gnuplot to be installed. Any error is silently ignored.


Common usage

$ munipack gphot --verbose pleiades.fits

See Also

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