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An astronomical image processing software



Munipack is distributed with an extensive help in HTML format. An on-line help and manual pages are additional sources of documentation primary intended for experienced users.

Reference Documentation

The main documentation of Munipack is included in distribution and can be found in a local installation directory. One can be considered as the reference documentation.

The documentation is available also world-wide:

Munipack homepage

The binary distribution contains reference document tree under directory /opt/munipack:


The source distribution usually install reference document tree under directory /usr (/usr/local):


On-Line Help

On-line help system has two major modes ‒ global ‒ and ‒ action ‒ oriented to get summary of all actions or to get detailed help about a selected action.

Global Help

The global help is invoked by using of switch --help or shortly as -h or run munipack with no action:

$ munipack --help

Help for Actions

A help print for an action is invoked as help together with the action:

$ munipack astrometry --help

To get list of actions, use global help (as in example above) and select appropriate item.

Version and License

Both version and license are available with --version switch:

$ munipack --version

Manual Pages

Munipack installation provides manual pages for both graphical and command-line interfaces. Pages contains just short description of usage.

$ man munipack