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Multiple frames are composed to a single image.


munipack kombine [..] files


Purpose of this routine is to compound images into a deeper exposure, to increase its dynamic range, to average frames or to create of a mosaics covering larger area than any single frame.

Result image can be scaled to arbitrary size, rotated and shifted. Also photometric information can be saved on per-image base.

The routine provides sub-pixel resolution. The blurring of image due to convolution is not reduced by the implemented algorithm.


Kombine needs astrometry. A regular photometry is necessary for averaging.

Input And Output

On input, list of frames meeting the prerequisites.

On output, a new FITS frame is created.


Averaging (--average) can create clean up average frames. The averaging can be applied only on already photo-metrically calibrated frames including PHOTOMETRY extension created by phcal. The result frame has mean intensity and background of input frames.

Initialisation of parameters

The paramaters are inherited from parameters of the first frame on input, if no corresponding parametr is set by command line option. The strategy is chosen as the less surprising way. The output frame looks similary as inputs ones.

The live will more easy with the zero rotation angle (--angle 0) and no reflection (--reflex no) of output frames.


Parameters for composition:

-i, --interpol
interpolation method: none (nearest neighborhood), bilinear, bicubic (default)
adjust sky level of individual exposures
use exposure mask to normalise photon rates
compute the robust mean for every single pixel instead of frames summation

Geometry parameters:

-p, --projection
projection: none, gnomonic (default)
--rcen, --dcen
centre of projection in Right Ascension and Declination [deg]
--width, --height
dimensions of the output frames in pixels
--xcen, --ycen
centre of projection on chip [pix] (default: width/2, height/2)
scale [pix/deg]
positional angle [deg]
[yes|no] setup reflection

See Common options for input/output filenames.


Compose images

$ munipack kombine images*.fits

See Also

Frame Composition, Mosaics, Frame Colouring, Slip Common options