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A comprehensive summary of the recent development.

More detailed list of changes can be found in Munipack development repository.

Changelog of 0.5.14 (Bullseye) release

Release date: 4. February, 2021.

A bugfix release of previous release.

The bugfix

The interface, introduced in latest release, caused run-time crashes under all i386, armhf, armel architectures in Debian nomenclature. An inspection revealed that C_LONG has been associated with C_LONG_LONG, and vice versa, for some routines. It looks like the 32-bit platforms distinguish the types; 64-bit platforms not, the malfunction has not been detected during previous tests.

The confusion became as result of my blind following of API in the manual (even obsolete), and missing double check against C headers.

Other improvements:

Changelog of 0.5.13 (Bullseye) release

Release date: 21. December, 2020.

An interface of cfitsio library for modern Fortran has been developed in this release.

The improvement:

Autopkgtest (#977559) has reported an issue under arm64 (aarch64) platform for version 3.49 of cfitsio library, whilst amd64 port is unaffected. An incompatibility in passing of integer numerical types between C and Fortran has been revealed for the array argument NAXES of ftgisz() which wraps ffgisz(). The calling of C functions from Fortran, and vice versa, is a complex problem, requiring resourceful C macros and functions, and varying on a specific software platform.

I resolved the issue by building of an interface of cfitsio library for modern Fortran. The interface fully replaces the wrapping parts of cfitsio, and utilises C/C++ interoperability, a part of Fortran standard since 2003 revision.

As the side effect, a speed of I/O operations has significantly increased. I had improved also reading of tables by slicing columns: tables are read in rows-major order, rather than in column-major, according to recommendations in cfitsio manual (13.2 Optimization Strategies, paragraph 3). There are new implementations of the file handling, and the backup.

Minor changes:

Changelog of 0.5.12 (Bullseye) release

Release date: 30. November, 2020.

This release takes a snapshot of latest improvements for the incoming Debian release.


Changelog of 0.5.11 (Oak Leaf) release

Release date: 22. January, 2019.

This release is the milestone in develop of robust statistical methods.

Important changes:


Changelog of 0.5.10 (Flat-fielding) release

Release date: 16. January, 2018.

This release is focused on improving of already developed features.


Changelog of 0.5.9 (Artificial Sky) release

Release date: 18. July, 2017.

This release is bugfix release of previous 0.5.8 (Artificial Sky).

Changelog of 0.5.8 (Artificial Sky) release

Release date: 14. July, 2017.

This release is mostly focused on an artificial sky and related affairs.

New features:


Changelog of 0.5.7 (Growth Curve) release

Release date: 25. October, 2016.

This release is mostly focused on growth curve photometry.

New features:


Changelog of 0.5.6 (Photon Calibration) release

Release date: January 05, 2015.

This release is mostly focused on the precise photometry calibration.


Changelog of 0.5.5 (Nights Without Convergence) release

Release date: April 1, 2014.

This release is mostly focused on running tests of improved robust algorithms.

New feature:


Changelog of 0.5.4 (Photon Rain) release

Release date: July 31, 2013.

This release is mostly focused on the photometric calibration.

New features:


Changelog of 0.5.3 (New Generation) release

Release date: June 29, 2012.

This release is mostly focused on the astronomical engine: photometry, astrometry, listing and kombine.

New features:


Changelog of 0.5.2 (Astrometry) release

Release date: Oct. 19, 2011.

This release is mostly focused on astrometry.

New features:


The reimplementation of Color FITS is extremely important step. The backward compatibility is broken. External utilities (rawtran and fitspng) are required in versions above 0.3.

Changelog of 0.5.1 (Coloring) release

Release date: Oct, 17, 2010.

This release is mostly focused on color processing.

Improvements in color processing:

Improvements in GUI:

Improvements in command line utilities:

and finally: