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An astronomical image processing software


Basic Usage

Munipack is designed with an easy-to-use user interface which wrapping of a powerful processing engine.


Graphical interface

File Browser

The browser is a tool for handling of large collections of FITS files like a specialized file browser. Munipack's graphical user interface (GUI) can be invoked by running of following command (from a menu or by using a graphical terminal)

$ xmunipack

More details can be found in Features.

Browser (click to zoom)

File Viewer

File viewer works on a single FITS file. Any FITS file can be displayed directly by passing its name as an argument:

$ xmunipack IMG_5807.fits
Viewer (click to zoom)

Command-line interface

All functionality is also available without a graphical display. The command line tools are intended to be used in (non-interactive) batch processing.

$ munipack
Dark frames averaging finished on terminal (click to zoom)

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