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Munipack reads many important data needed for processing from FITS headers. The data are coded in the form KEYWORD=VALUE like a dictionary. Both the keywords and values are standardized, but there is many local conventions and differences and specificatiions in naming KEYWORD conventions. Therefore, there are a list of keywords recognized by Munipack together with default values.

How to set the values for command munipack is described in Environment variables document.

A file mostly comply with FITS Standard will not need redefine none of the keywords (except some local conventions).

Just for instance. Many software keeps the exposure time in FITS header in the keyword EXPOSURE. Munipack expects the same quantity in the keyword EXPTIME (see table below). Using of the command


replaces the default value. Similar way can be used in all other cases.

Keywords Affecting Preprocessing

Preprocessing variables
MUNIPACK_TEMPERATURE_TOLERANCE1°Cmaximal temperature difference between frames in Celsius degrees
MUNIPACK_EXPTIME_TOLERANCE1 μsmaximal difference between exposure times of frames in seconds

The variables are used by bias, dark and phcorr.

Keywords Affecting Photometry Calibration

General Usage Keywords

General Usage Keywords

FITS environment variables

FITS environment keywords
VariableDefaultIdentifies of
FITS_KEY_FILTERFILTERthe photometric filter
FITS_KEY_TEMPERATURETEMPERATthe temperature of camera
FITS_KEY_DATEOBSDATE-OBSthe start of exposure
FITS_KEY_TIMEOBSTIME-OBSthe start of exposure (legacy)
FITS_KEY_OBJECTOBJECTthe object identifier
FITS_KEY_IMAGETYPIMAGETYPimagetyp: light, flat, dark
FITS_KEY_SATURATESATURATEdetector saturation (full well capacity) on ADU
FITS_KEY_GAINGAINamplifier gain in electrons per ADU
FITS_KEY_AREAAREAarea of detector in square meters
FITS_KEY_EPOCHEPOCHreference time epoch
FITS_KEY_LATITUDELATITUDEgeographical latitude of station in degrees, north positive (+north)
FITS_KEY_LONGITUDELONGITUDgeographical longitude of station in degrees, west positive (-east)