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Run-time Environment

Setting of run-time environment can be used to modify of global parameters.

FITS environment variables

FITS environment variables are commonly used to redefine a value of keywords of a FITS header. For instance, FITS_KEY_FILTER - redefines FILTER keyword, etc. Other variables available (sometimes required during processing) are listed in table. For example, when your local conventions stores the exposure time in record labeled by EXPOSURE keyword

EXPOSURE =               20.000 / [s] Exposure time

use FITS_KEY_EXPTIME="EXPOSURE". Variables can be preset as:


For convenience, these variables can be set under Unixes as system-wide in /etc/profile (or /etc/bash.profile, /etc/bashrc or etc.) or on per-user base in $HOME directory: $HOME/.profile (or $HOME/.profile or $HOME/.bashrc or etc).

The identifiers (following prefix FITS_KEY_) should be unlike to FITS keywords. That conversion suppress confusion of the minus sign character (-) inside shell scripts.

The area of detector is π(R2-r2) for Newtonian reflector, where R is radius of a primary mirror and r is radius of projection of secondary mirror (of secondary shadow). The area of detector will be used for photometry calibration.


There is effort to made Munipack locale-friendly. Unfortunately locale setting will surprisingly interfere with both FITS and Virtual Observatory pragmatic conventions where non-Ascii characters are forbidden. The limitations is sometimes much worse, in cases, when just only ASCII 32 - 125 (in decimals) characters are allowed (FITS headers).

There are situations when use of locale-specific conventions must respect:

Typical encountered problems are decimal-point related. Commas can be used both for separation of fractions and separations of numbers each other. To prevent the difficulty, one replaces X,Y to "X Y" (comma is replaced by a space and enclosed to apostrophes or quotes).

In doubts, it is recommended switch-off locales by the setup

$ LC_ALL=C; export LC_ALL

which will leave rest of your system unaffacted.



Set path(s) for executable Munipack's modules. The values are set during installation and used very rarely, perhaps for testing purposes.


A path pointing to the local configuration file for Virtual Obseravtory catalogues.