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A description of low-level execution parts of Munipack for programmers.


Munipack's working core is split on to single exacutables (modules) which can be run independently. Both command-line and graphical interfaces (munipack, xmunipack) just provides user friendly interface and calls the modules. The design naturally separates the GUI and the execution part.

The way is very flexible. It has benefit when another interfaces or usage is required. For example, the routines can be easy used as utilities for (web) servers, Virtual observatory, scripting systems, pipe lines, called from shells, etc.


There are a few strictly followed rules for all modules:

Modules are stored in LIBEXEC path as defined by Autotools. Current binary distribution defines the path as /opt/munipack/libexec/munipack. Note that modules are not available in system-wide binary search path.

Logging messages

The rules for logging are analogical to standard Unix philosophy:

Inter-process communication

Calling routines must print some listing in specified format when parameter PIPELOG is used:

FITS keywords

There is no general convention for FITS keywords except NAXIS, NAXES, BITPIX and SIMPLE. Unforunatelly, frequently are used different keywords with the same meaning. For example, an exposure time may be stored as EXPTIME or EXPOSURE keywords. Therefore all the modules accepts following parameters to set proper keywords according to a local conventions. See FITS environment variables.


Astrometry provides astrometry.

Module name: astrometer

Source: astrometry/astrometry.f95

Parameters (see astrometry page for description)
PROJECTIONstringtype of projection
FITSstringselect a method: ROBUST, SQUARE
AUNITSstringprint residuals in specified units
WCSSAVEboolsave astrometry to header
VERBOSElogicalprint verbose mesages
PIPELOGlogicalprint control mesages
CRPIXfloat,floatcenter of projection on map (rectangular coordinates)
CRVALfloat,floatcenter of projection on sphere (spherical coordinates), degrees
SCALEfloatscale in pixels per degree
ANGLEfloatrotation about center in degrees
SIGfloatmean uncertainity in position
XSIGfloatprobability coefficient
FSIGfloatmean uncertainity in fluxes
INITPARboolinit parameters (provided by CRVAL,SCALE and ANGLE)
MATCHbooluse matching
NMATCHintegernumber of objects used in matching sequence
MAXMATCHintegernumber of objects used for matching
FULLMATCHinteger... for matching
COL_RAintegercolumn with RA
COL_DECintegercolumn with Dec
COL_PMRAintegercolumn with PM in RA
COL_PMDECintegercolumn with PM in Dec
COL_MAGintegercolumn with magnitude
CATstringFITS table filename used as the reference catalogue for spherical coordinates
REFstringFITS table filename used as the reference list of spherical coordinates of objects
RELstringFITS filename used as the reference list of rectangular coordinates of objects
FILEstringFITS table filename containing list of rectangular coordinates of objects used for astrometry